Dublin may be best known for its smooth, creamy Guinness, but visitors shouldn’t miss out on the chance to sample the great food Ireland’s capital has to offer too.

The Dublin food scene is very much alive and well,
here are seven foods you have to try while there.

1) Boxty

Traditional Irish potato pancakes can be found aplenty across Dublin’s bars and restaurants. There’s even an establishment dedicated especially to Boxty.

2) Colcannon

Another potato-based dish, Colcannon is similar to bubble and squeak, mixing mashed potato with cabbage or kale. It may sound fairly basic, but you can be sure even some of the best restaurants in Dublin will serve it up.

3) Irish stew

A staple of bars in Dublin, you’re sure to spot Irish stew on most menus. Check out the backstreet bars for the best versions of this dish, where it’s likely to be authentic.

4) Bailey’s chocolates

A bit touristy maybe, but they are definitely delicious and also make a great gift to return home with. Most supermarkets, convenience stores or tourist shops will stock them.

5) Coddle

The ultimate comfort food, coddle is a delightful combination of leftovers including potato, sausage, bacon and onion, slow-cooked in a broth. It’s an absolute must-try and can be found in many bars in Dublin city centre and beyond.

6) Seafood

It might be expected, but with Dublin’s coastal location there really is an array of delightful seafood to sample. If you head out to Howth, an outer suburb, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Dublin for fish, mussels and cockles .

7) Barmbrack

You can pick up some barmbrack in coffee shops or cafes across the city. Barmbrack is a delicious type of fruit cake, best enjoyed with lashings of butter on top.