You may have heard from tourists and locals alike that watching sports in bars in Dublin is better than watching sports in a stadium. Below we explore the top reasons why many sports fans favour cool bars in Dublin over stadiums.

1. Better view

At a stadium, unless you are willing to part with an extortionate sum for a ticket, you will have a restricted view of whatever sport you are watching. In a bar, however, you can benefit from having a clear high-quality view no matter where you decide to sit.

2. Superior food

Food served in a stadium is not only overpriced, but it is also often lacking flavour and quality. Alternatively, if you choose to watch sport in a bar you can choose from multiple delicious menu items and can enjoy hot food being served directly to your seat.

3. Social opportunities

When you sit in a stadium, you are very limited to who you can talk and socialise with. In a bar, you have much more opportunity to socialise with different groups and engage in friendly banter with people around you.

4. Delicious beverages

If you enjoy overpriced warm pints, you may favour the alcohol served at stadiums. If, however, the sound of an ice-cold pint or a perfectly poured Guinness sounds more appealing, the beverages served at a bar will be more up your street.

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