One of the many reasons to add cool bars in Dublin to your list of things to do in the Irish capital, is the fascinating tales some tell of their famous and noteworthy customers.

We are not just talking about characterful former locals here! The ones who could sing like an angel or drink everyone else under the table. The best bars in Dublin have literary fame as the previous ‘haunts’ of some of the greatest figures in Western literature.

Let’s explore that claim in more detail and find out why tracing the footsteps (and seats) of creative geniuses is such big business in Dublin.

Ireland’s rich heritage

There is something about living on an island, – with a distinct social evolution- that focuses the mind on lofty topics and creative abundance. Story writing and poetry have been a central strand of Irish life since the dawn of time.

Past on from generation to generation, the stories and music of Ireland have never been allowed to die away. No doubt one of the main reasons why Ireland – and in particular Dublin – has such an incredible literary legacy.

Influx of creative talent

However, Dublin’s atmosphere and stunning architecture, alongside the vast areas of unspoilt countryside and coast nearby, have also attracted many visitors, including travelling writers, poets and songsmiths, seeking inspiration.

Literary greatness becomes self perpetuating too. The warm welcome received from their peers (and Dublin bar landlords) created gatherings of the good and great in each generation.

Connections between bars and creativity

Another reason bars in downtown Dublin have such strong literary links is the natural affinity between relaxing with food and drink and penning classic books, poetry and lyrics. There is no doubt that the quality of Dublin’s hospitality outlets, breweries and local produce helped to ‘smooth’ along creative output!

Best place for Dublin’s literary legacy

The perfect example is the historic Sinnott’s, with its carefully curated and fascinating collection of literary pictures and prints, featuring luminaries including James Joyce, W.B. Yeats and Oscar Wilde.

You don’t have to pen a classic here, but it could be a great place to get some inspiration while enjoying your food and beverages!