Are you planning a weekend trip or a week-long break with family and friends in the beautiful city of Dublin? If the answer is yes, then you’ll be looking for things to do, places to see and the best pubs in Dublin for food. Pubs and bars make up the heart of this friendly and historic city, and Sinnott’s bar is at the very top of the Dublin food scene. It’s the place to go for afternoon drinks, lunch with the kids and family, and to enjoy a fantastic night out in Dublin city centre. Sinnott’s bar really does have it all! Plus, if you’re a local, why not make Sinnott’s bar the go-to place for lunch? Below we share some fantastic reasons why Sinnott’s is the best Irish pub in Dublin and why everyone should go there.

1. A wide selection of food to suit all tastes

Sinnott’s bar really is one of the best pubs in Dublin for food. You won’t find such a wide selection of dishes, and all at a great price, anywhere else in the city centre. It is the perfect place to meet up with work colleagues for a business lunch, or to enjoy a leisurely lunch with family and friends when visiting the city. A selection of the bar food bites includes fried chicken wings, nachos and big burgers. If planning to enjoy lunch with a group of four or more friends, why not opt for a sharing platter with good options such as chicken wings, onion rings, scampi and sweet potato?

If you are visiting the city with young children, then keeping them happy and entertained is also easy when you visit Sinnott’s. Dishes include kids’ favourites such as penne pasta, cheeseburgers, fish fingers and sausages. Sit and have a steak with a glass of wine, while the kids tuck into a burger with salad. Everyone will be happy.

2. Watch your favourite live sports

If you love watching live sport then Sinnott’s bar is the natural place to go as it is one of the best sports bars in Dublin city. No matter where you choose to sit, you’ll have the best view in the city for any live rugby or football match, because the bar has 14 large screens that live stream the action. The bar also streams multiple games at once, so that you don’t have to miss out on any match. Coupled with all of this is a state of the art sound system, great Irish food and drink, all served in a welcoming and friendly environment. So, if you love watching the match with other like-minded people, then Sinnott’s bar is the pub for you.

3. Literary delights of Dublin

Sinnott’s are able to say that it’s the best Irish pub in Dublin, not only because of its warm hospitality and tasty dishes, but because it boasts such a wide selection of Irish literary portraits, murals and paintings, right in the heart of the city. Marvel at portraits of George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Sean O’Casey and James Joyce. If you love your Irish literature then you can’t miss out on seeing for yourself these portraits and other pieces of artwork that depict so beautifully the world of Irish literature. Take a copy of Ulysses and immerse yourself in this book with a pint and good company.

4. The friendly Irish pub

Sinnott’s bar is both well known and well established as being one of the friendliest bars in Dublin city centre. Everyone knows that Dublin is one of the friendliest and laid back cities in the world, and this hospitality and ease extends to everyone who walks through the door. Children are welcome during daytime hours, families can sit and enjoy a meal together, and then during the night time hours, you can enjoy a safe and friendly atmosphere as you dance the night away or sip cocktails. Everyone is made to feel welcome at Sinnott’s bar.

5. Fantastic nightlife in the heart of the city

Sinnott’s isn’t just the best Irish pub in Dublin during daytime hours, it also comes to life during the night. It is one of the best cocktail bars in Dublin, serving the hottest cocktails that are accompanied by great offers and the lowest prices. If you’re not sure what type of cocktail to try, or are new to the cocktail world, then our friendly members of staff will help you choose the perfect cocktail.

Not only is Sinnott’s one of the best bars in Dublin city centre, but it is also one of the best pubs in Dublin for live music. Enjoy a live set from a local band and dance the night away!

So, that’s some of the reasons why you need to come and visit us when staying in beautiful Dublin. Come for a bite to eat, enjoy cocktails with friends, a great lunch with family, or enjoy that live game of rugby. It’s even the perfect place to rest after a busy day of shopping while you have a coffee and take in the rich literary history of the city. We really do hope to see you here at Sinnott’s bar soon.