Selecting the Best Sports Bars in Dublin city centre

There are many choices of sports bars in Dublin City centre and it can be hard to tell which ones are better than others. Think about whether you want a mixture of tradition blended with a modern style as you decide where to settle yourself in for a day of sport and good company. Here are 3 tips to help you choose the best sports bar in Dublin.

1. A warm welcome

As soon as you enter, you’ll want to feel that warm Irish welcome. The decor should be a part of that welcome. The best bars in Dublin have their own particular style adding to their ambience. Sinnotts boasts a long history on South King Street and pays testament to Ireland’s proud history of literature with a most impressive collection of literature portraits adorning the walls.

A quality sports bar will ensure that as you enjoy a freshly pulled pint, good glass of fine wine or tipple of your choice, you can watch the match from a range of big screen TVs positioned throughout the pub.

2. Celebrate Sport in Dublin

With our time in the Rugby World Cup drawing to a close, we remember the great times and look forward to supporting our boys in green again soon. Pride in our team is at the heart of all the best sports bars in Dublin. Lots of bars offer different ways to make sure your watching experience is unique and memorable. We create a community that you can join, making you feel part of the team whether you’re local and just visiting for the ‘craic’.

The bars in Dublin City centre will guarantee you a great day of sport if you decide to spend it with them.

3. More than just sports

It’s not just about the sport. If you’re there for the day, you’ll need to be fed as well as watered and entertained. There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to the best pubs in Dublin for food. With sports bars offering a whole range of dishes, there’s something to appeal to everyone’s tastes and budgets. Sinnotts offers a wide selection of food in the city centre, from our homely carvery to our new Autumn dinner menu there’s something here for everyone.

And if your days of sports stretches out well into the night, look for a bar with live entertainment or a DJ, a good dance and a late bar.

Sinnott’s bar is the perfect venue for the day or night. Offering quality sports coverage, food and entertainment, we look forward to welcoming you very soon!